Club Med Cherating

Year 2010 - This is the second time I came to Club Med Cherating. The first time was back in year 2005 where most of the facilities are new new. Now all look a bit old old but still the excellent service is there.

This Cherating beach is fully owned by Club Med, therefore is clean and quiet from outsider but you need to take a shuttle bus.

All Club Med accommodation place are made of wood.  It represent that we are living in a village.

Our Room

Swimming Pool

Performance Stage

Tennis Court

Before you start doing Flying fox, They need you to be trained on the ground first. Understand what you will do when you are flying on top. You need to turn yourself up side down in the air.
First, go down by holding the grip using hand.

Yea... turning my head down and my leg hanging.  Then back to hand holding and leg hanging. It seems easy when I am standing at the ground. When I am climbing up the stairs, ah ha... I see fear inside me. Wala... Close my eye and jump. I make it! So as you!

Rock Climbing. You get a certificate when you reach the top.


This is the private beach. To reach this beach, you need to take a free shuttle bus. There is many activities here like para sailing, kayaking and banana boat.

Sailing. It is using the wind to make the boat sail.

If i were compare between Phuket and Bintan Club Med.
I would say Cherating is nice and new. The food is comparable to Phuket. I would rank Cherating and Phuket first and then Bintan the last.

If you want to know more about Phuket, read this.

Address: Club Med Cherating Beach, 26080 Balok, Pahang, Malaysia
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