Club Med Phuket is the place for Team Bonding and Family Time!

Have you heard of Club Med?? Visiting Club Med is like indulging into a luxurious Millionaire Club. The fee enrolled includes all the facilities, games, classes and drinks (include alcohol of course) bottomless. No need bring your money! (as I no need to see my purse for days, that how i lost my purse. Maybe i lost during the journey to Clubmed. TIPS: Don't bring your valuable item, you may forget them as you won't be using them)

They serves 4 meals a day and every meal is Buffet style. Eat and drink all you can but they do have timing for each meal session yet the timing is close to each meal. Don't worry that you are not use to the food. They categories the food to CHINESE, MALAY, INDIAN, THAI, WESTERN, etc etc.. It is like an international buffet.
It has variety and tasty foods unlimited. You can eat everything.There is no worry of bored with  repeating food. The menu change daily! You will always be surprise with new dishes. ok, that's how stomachache came after continuous eating for days. :)

If you want to fully enjoy the fun in Club Med, participate in their activities. They have a list of activities daily, which categories into children and adult, or beginner and expert. Some are competition. You can easily mix with peoples. 

Those with kids, you can have your own time. Send your kids to child care, and they will make sure your kids get their fun there. They will have activities like singing, playing, coloring...etc

Free flow of beer, cocktail and mocktail at anytime (7am to 12am). You can use all the facilities like volley ball, badminton, tennis, squash, basket ball, football...etc for free unlimited time. You can attend dancing classes, gym, yoga, aqua aerobic and also participate in competition hosted by the Club Med. We are like living in a big village without cars for 5 days with all the friendly staffs. They treat us like family, attend to whatever we need. And clubmed bintan, I am coming!!!

Towel are provided.

Welcome to Clubmed Phuket!

Why Clud Med is well-known?

It’s a All-Inclusive Holidays! 
One Reasonable Price included all these:

- Wide range of accommodation from luxury to superior rooms
- Child care from 4-17 years old
- All inclusive dining available at any time
- Unlimited Doft drink through out day
- Premium Bar
- More than 60 Activities and sports
- Intimate Show, night entertainment, live music and dancing together
- Travel is convenient and stress free

Top reason to choose Club Med:
#1 There is something for everyone
#2 Effortless holiday - easy and hassle free experience 
#3 Company trip can request for meeting & events room. Prefect balance between work and entertainment 

 I am a pro archerist now. There is a coach there to train us on how to shoot. He is also there to make sure everyone is safe.

Squash. There is also squash, tennis, badminton, netball and basket ball. All the equipments can be easily borrow from the counter.

Night time Performance stage. Every club med, they have performance every night and every night performance is different. It always end with dancing together.

 This beach is a public beach as it was not bought by Club Med yet. Maybe one day yes. You can see a lot of westerners are here sun bathing.

Aqua Aerobic class. Follow the instructor to go 1!! 2!! 3!!

This is a nice acrobatic show. They set up this place near a field beside the sea to perform this show. Today show is here instead of the same daily stage.

The swimming pool. 

I love Club Med Phuket, When we are there, they are half renovating. Yes, they should refurnish as most of the place are old and broken. Maybe when you are there now, is a brand new one. The food there is varieties and different everyday. They have two places for you to enjoy your meal daily. 

Forget your stress and just EAT PLAY SLEEP! 

Amenities are almost the same as Club Med Malaysia or Bintan. Just different in space and some locality food.

Which Club? Med Phuket, Bintan or Cherating? 
If i were compare between Phuket and Bintan Club Med.
I would say Cherating is nice and new. The food is comparable to Phuket. I would rank Cherating, follow by Phuket and Bintan the last.


Always care-free here. Just play, eat & sleep and again tomorrow. I like their locality food!

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?



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Club Med Phuket Hotpot reviews are based on personal perception and scenario on the day I visited.

I really hope these reviews could help you.

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