KL Bird Park

After hanging for so long in city, we seldom see Birds flying around. This is a good chance to recover our Bird species memory. When i entered into the Bird Park, i can feel the fresh air. From hot weather, i can feel cooling air inside. It was surrounded by trees.
Peacock really amazed me. It can really open up its beautiful fur and it is really huge than what's in my imagination.

This is not fake. They are just sleeping and they sleep using one leg. The other leg used to close their eye (i think so.. )
These Ostricts was so hungry. There is few box of vegetables for visitor to feed the Ostricts. When we trying to feed them, they were fighting and grab my vege rudely. It's was fun.
Parrots!! Our long lost friends. They really can talk!
STOP! Don't think anything further. Its just the mum feeding the baby. :)

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