Macau has their own unique architecture. Senado Square is like the city of Macau. The floor is laid with tiles.

Senado Square
Senado Square

This is Ruins of St. Paul’s (大三巴)

Margaret Portuguese Tart 
Margaret's Cafe
Margaret's cafe is the famous egg tart cafe. You need to queue very long for the tart. The service and attitude of the owner was not really good but the egg tart is really really good!!

This is the famous Milk company. Yee Shun Milk Company. The milk was very smooth and this is a very special tea, it mixed with ginger in the tea.
Yee Shun Ginger Milk Tea
Yee Shun Milk

This is one of the famous cookies shop. They have different type of BAH KUA and famous of almond cookies. They also have egg tart. I bought a lot!!

The Venetian Hotel. It is very nice and the building will never go into night. It will always be day time as they used day cloud wallpaper as their ceiling.
Venetian Hotel

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