Imperial Garden PJ

Imperial Garden Restaurant Petaling Jaya is quite old. They should re-furnish. Food serving is quite slow but food quality is still there. Imperial Garden Restaurant is under Tai Thong Group which is one of the best restaurant in Malaysia serving Chinese Cuisine. You can also host private function by having private room even though one table is needed only.

Dishes in Imperial garden is exquisite. Fresh, nice and you like it! You will feel like a royal for the service. For shark fin, each of us is served in a pot with fire under it to keep it warm.

PRICE | 价钱  $$$
LOVE | 爱  ❤️❤️ 
OPENING TIME | 营业时间  10am to 10pm
WHERE | 那里 7th Floor, Intan Square, 46200 3 Lorong Utara C, Selangor, Malaysia 
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