Jungfrau, Switzerland Europe - A long train ride~

This is the Highest mountain in Europe and they builded the longest train trail up to the hills. It takes 100 years to finish building the train. Yes!! cold and snow.. Ready your high concentrated face cream before going. My face almost stiff by the cold and dry atmosphere.

When you are at top of the mountain, you  needed more energy to get oxygen. Tips: Eat with chocolate to prevent faint.

When you reach, it is like reaching an attraction place with restaurant and some mini attraction like tunnel build with ice. There is Lift, food, mini market and post office. Send your regards here!

 On top of Jungfrau, there build a restaurant, small balcony to enjoy the snow mountain. Yes, it is snowing!

 This is colder than Titlis, You can't even see the background clearly and it is snowing.

After running left and right, we are hungry. Enjoy our hot soup noodle at the highest mountain in Europe.

 This is the train that we take us up the hill. It is slow and it stop 2-3 times before reaching the top. It will be crucial when the train go straight to the top. The highest it goes, the less oxygen you get. Just take cool and enjoy!

Check out mountain Titlis in europe too. 
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