Halong Bay @ Vietnam

To go Halong Bay, Hanoi is the nearest airport. Then you will need to take 4-5 hours drive and then sailing at a wonderful sea, enjoying the breeze to a place where you can see lime stones.

The boats are wooden boat. This is how they park their boat. If you boat stop at the most outer from land, you have to climb from boat to boat into the land. When the inner boat want to depart, they have to slowly bump other boats away to swim out.

In this tour, we have 12 of us. We are honor that they let us have the whole boat by ourself. Wow.. you must be thinking that we are paying a high price. No, we are not. We also never expect they give us a boat for only 12 of us.
During the journey from Halong bay to land, they will have a seafood market in the middle of the sea. You can buy and the chef in the boat will cook for you. Yes, our boat package include lunch.
Below are foods served in the boat. Cool weather and country side feel. Nice!  
So we bought this squid for rm200+. It is Big and fresh. This is the first time, i have eaten such fresh squid. You can still taste the squid freshness and you can easily chew on the flesh.

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