Instant Tea - Teh Tarik

Lipton Tea
Usually when we want to drink Teh Tarik, we have get the tea bag, soak a while and then add in the condense milk. A huge process to brew a cup Teh Tarik. 

Try this Instant Lipton Teh Tarik, mix the Powder with hot water. Done! and it taste exactly like mamak Teh Tarik... Burrop.. 

April 2016
Today I went Econsave for grocery. Suddenly have the urge to drink Teh Tarik. I walked towards the beverages section and there a friendly promoter approached me with Nona Teh Halia. She claimed that the Teh Tarik has the ginger inside and lower caffein as well as less sweet. Teh halia is my favourite, so I give a try.  

I can say this Nona Teh Tarik Halia/ Ginger Milk Tea is Super nice. It give me refreshing and can see the mince ginger in the tea. The tea, sugar and ginger are mix in great combination.

Price: $$$
Love: ❤❤❤❤❤
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