Delicious Boneless Chicken rice 加东美味起骨雞飯 @ Katong shopping centre

This is definitely the best chicken rice i have tasted so far.

Total damage: sgd 30 for 3 pax. You must be thinking, so expensive. The damages come with varieties and big portion side dishes which included roasted chicken, roasted pork, egg, chicken intestine, Free soups and Free acah. What can you complain with sgd10 per pax for these much. ok, it is lower when you reduce your choices which is usually average about $7 per pax.

I do not want to focus on the chicken which is definitely delicious. The specialties of the shop is the chicken  topped with fragrant fried garlic. When you bite the chicken with fried crispy garlic on top.

To set your expectation here. The queue is Long. Be patient, they serve very fast.


总伤害:对3人30新元。你一定在想,这么贵。损害赔偿附带品种,很大一部分小菜,其中包括烤鸡,烤猪肉,鸡蛋,鸡肉肠,免费汤和免费acah 。你可以抱怨与每人sgd10这些很多东西。好吧,这是较低的,当你减少你的选择通常是平均约7 $每人。



Cabbage SoupChicken Soup
Soups are given for Free. Soups given are differ every time. For 3-4 peoples, usually they give two bowls of different soup with generous ingredients inside. Above is the cabbage soup and chicken soup. They do have lotus soup too.
汤给出了自由。鉴于汤是不同的每一次。 3-4人民,通常他们给不同的汤,里面的成分大方两碗。以上是白菜汤和鸡汤。他们有莲子汤了。

Braised Chicken
This is the cold type Hainanese chicken. No matter which part of meat you order, the meat is tender and juicy. With added fried garlic on top, it give the feeling of juicy and crispy chicken. awesome!
Roast Pork is slightly dryer and crispy on top. I would skip for this.

 Acah The Acah  -Self service at the front of the stall. 
在摊位的前面的Acah -自助服务
I will always think of Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice when I am famish. With the huge quantity given, it will definitely filled up my tummy. It is also one of the place i love to bring my visitor. It is not really a kids friendly place as it was crowded and needed to wait. Seats are slightly difficult to get too.

It is a place that i would love to come. After having delicious Boneless Chicken rice, i will continue hoping to the dessert stall OLD SCHOOL DESSERT HOUSE nearby for Durian Moose.


这是我想来的地方。有好吃的去骨鸡肉饭之后,我会继续希望点心摊位OLD SCHOOL甜点屋附近的榴莲驼鹿。

PRICE | 价钱  $
LOVE | 爱  ❤❤❤❤❤ Full score for this!  
OPENING TIME | 营业时间  10am to 8pm daily
WHERE | 那里 Delicious Boneless Chicken rice 加东美味起骨雞飯
#B1-85/87, Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road
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