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Porridge Buffet  - This buffet is really worth the price. It comes with seafood like Crabs and Prawns.

TIPS: Crabs are always the first item people will go for it. You have to grab fast as they may take a long time to replenish.

Actually they have noodles and rice. If you still prefer porridge, there is a variety of ingredients to eat with your porridge.Crabs usually don't last till supper.

They offer nice Asian dessert too. The popular DIY Ice Kacang, Red Bean Soup and Ice Cream.

They serve beverages like chrysanthemum tea, Chinese tea and water.

TIPS: Check out their website for updated promotion.They do have promo like one-for-one / Free Parking

粥自助餐 - 此自助真的值这个价。它配备了像螃蟹和虾海鲜。
TIPS :蟹总是第一个项目的人会去了。你必须抓住快,因为他们可能需要较长的时间来补充。


With seafood and dessert, i would say price charged is reasonable. For supper, i would say is definitely a worth buffet to go. See below for price table.
This is the supper queue. 这是晚饭队列。

There is two slots of buffet timing. One is dinner and one is supper. Dinner will be from 6pm to 10pm and supper is from 10:30pm to 12:30pm. Do not assume supper will be lesser crowded. Above picture is the supper queue at 10pm. There is no reservation can be made for supper. It is first come first serve basis. While you still do a booking for dinner.
有自助餐时机两个插槽。一个是吃饭,一个是夜宵。晚餐将是下午6点至晚上10点,晚餐时间为10:30时至下午12:30 。不要以为晚饭会较少拥挤。上面的图片是在晚上10点晚饭队列。有没有可以吃夜宵进行预订。这是先到先得。当你还在做一个预定晚餐。

Updated on 16 April 2016
Went for the Supper Buffet. Food options seems to be lesser this round and have giving less quality item.
The fried fish is the fast moving item. It is big and crispy but it did not refill instead was replaced by steamfish. Prawn is the only seafood that night.

Laksa is good. 

Fried chicken is the new item which they do not have it previously. It is a bit spicy but is hot and crispy.

Beverage has lesser choice. Only water and tea! no more my favorite Chrysanthemum tea.

 This is only dessert for the day. A bowl of Chendol with Gula Melaka.

 Now they serve bread too.

Asian Porridge Buffet Dinner  亚洲粥自助晚餐 (6pm – 10pm)

    Monday to Thursday 周一至周四
Adult 成人  $24.80++Child 儿童$13.80++
    Friday to Sunday 周五至周日      
Adult 成人  $26.80++ Child 儿童$13.80++

Asian Porridge Buffet Supper 亚洲粥自助晚餐 (10.30pm – 12.30am)           

    Monday to Thursday 周一至周四    
Adult 成人 $12.80++       Child 儿童   $6.80++
    Friday to Sunday 周五至周日           
Adult 成人  $14.80++Child 儿童   $6.80++

PRICE | 价钱  $
LOVE | 爱  ❤❤❤ 
WEBSITE | 网址 Quality Cafe Website
OPENING TIME | 营业时间  6pm to 12:30am
WHERE | 那里 Quality Cafe @ Quality Hotel Marlow 201 Balestier Road, 329926 
Tel: +65 6355 9988 

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