Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant @ Ang Mo Kio

Chili Crab. The crab is cooked in well cook. The meat is tender and you can easily pull the meat off the shell. Fresh! Chili is a bit spicy but bearable. Price is reasonable. The price of One kg crab is about $50. This crab is only 900g. 
辣椒蟹。螃蟹是很好的厨师烹制。肉质鲜嫩,你可以很容易地拉断肉壳。新鲜!智利是一个有点辣,但可以忍受。价格是合理的。 1公斤蟹的价格大约是$ 50 。此蟹只有900克。

There is more 50 tables. No worry for no seats even though there is private function hosted there. But if you going after 9pm, the crab may be sold out. It is best to call before going especially when you are desperate for crab.

Coffee Pork. Fried pork coated with coffee. The coffee is not strong type or bitter. It is a friendly version of coffee which more towards sweet salty side. I love it.

When I see this Spinach, confirm they are generous with their eggs. This is spinach combined with 3 types of eggs: century egg, chicken egg, and salted egg. Always my favorite choice.

Kian Seng Signature Beancurd 签名豆腐

Prawn sauce fried chicken. Yummy and crispy. A good end after all the main dishes.

 Man tou (bread) to dip with the chili crab sauce. Every bun were served hot and crispy. Nice to eat even without sauce.


Nyonya fish head. It is more towards asam fish head where is between sour and spicy. The sauce is creamy and more towards curry powder type. The fish is fresh and soft.

It is a nice seafood Restaurant to have birthday celebration with friends and family. Although is crowded with customer but is still spacious to walk around. Food waiting time is about 15-30mins depends on the crowd. I will definitely go again as they have distinct style. Food portion is big and price is reasonable.

PRICE | 价钱  $$
LOVE | 爱  ❤❤❤❤ 
WEBSITE | 网址 Kian Seng Seafood Website 
OPENING TIME | 营业时间  11am to 2.30pm, 5pm to 11.45pm
WHERE | 那里 Block 4013 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1, Singapore 569629
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