Old School Dessert House @ Katong

Old School Dessert House is a dessert place with interior designed like a classroom make us think back of our school time. Is a place you wanted to spend for chit chat and relaxing with friends. You feel cozy here.

This is the second dessert place i found with durian dessert after A Bowl of Dessert.
If you ask me, I would say, this is better. It is XO durian!! The pungent durian frangrant and taste is better.

This is basically the price $5.50 for a bowl of XO durian lover.
This is the culinary place when you pick your own utensils for dessert. Below there is old school items that you can buy.

Finally the XO durian presented to you. The moose is so smooth n sillky. The moose is not really sweet and you have to take with a pinch of durian and it make a prefect combination. Yummy!!!

There is another place with nice Durian Moose: Dessert bowl

PRICE |  价钱


Mon - Thu, Sun: 12pm to 12am
Fri - Sat: 12pm to 1am

WHERE | 哪里
 11 East Coast Road The Odeon Katong Singapore 42872
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