Tunglok Seafood a la carte Buffet

Tung Lok at Orchard Central. We went here for A la Carte Buffet. It cost about sgd50 per pax after all the taxes. The environment and service are good although there is no nice scenery outside the windows.

This is the menu for a la carte order. Only the Boxed dishes will serve once only which is the Shark Fin, Chili crab and sambal green muscle.

The crab is not fresh or is not skilled as the meat is stick to the shells. It is very difficult to clean up all the meat.

Shark fin is a bowl for each person. Expected is lesser shark fin. The Sambal muscle is moderate only. It is not so spicy and i don't feel the sambal.


No1: Salmon                                                                     No.2 Small Octopus
No3: California Maki
Yes. They serve some japanese food too. Sashimi and sushi!! It is fresh. Nice. 

Chinese A la Carte
No.38  Deep-fried bun (man tou)
 No 9: Crispy eggplant Pork floss                                            No. 21 Deep fry Seabass with soy light sauce
This is Super nice. Very Crispy.                                               This fish is dissapointed. I don't see Meat

No. 6 Smoked Roast Duck                                         No. 30 Deep fried prawn with crispy oat

No. 26 Sauted Cuttle fish with Sambal                          No. 7 Poached Slide Pork with Garlic Sauce.

 No. 8 Crispy Fish skin with Salted egg. This is like Snack and is crispy. Therefore, you will keep eating and forget to stop.

No. 34 Fried Carrot Cake with Sausage XO sauce. This is good. The carrot cake is cover by a big piece of egg with taugeh. The smell and bite is fragrant.

No. 30 Braised Assorted Vegetable

No. 16 Salmon Salad Wrapped with Pancake

No. 27 Sauteed Chicken with Chef's Spicy Sauce

No. 13 Appetizer Century egg  and Pickles Chili

No.11 Vietnamese Spring roll. Ingredient inside is disappointed. You eat the skin more than the ingredients.

No. 23 Fried Slice fish with Spring Onion and Ginger. Simple and nice.

No. 19 Poached Prawn with herbal Soup. Herbal soup is not like those boil 100 yrs with those WOK smell. It's more like instant boil.

No. 24 Honey Pork Rib with Black Paper Sauce

No. 37 Fried Rice with Crisp-fried Silver Bait and XO sauce

No.33 Poached Pork Dumpling serve with Spicy sauce

No. 36 Braised Ee-Fu Noodles

No. Red bean pancake

Cream puff

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