Bali Food and Place of Interest Itinerary

Bali Itinerary
You may wondering, why there is no timing and day. This round, we name out which place we want to go and priorities each place. When we reach there, we get a driver and tell him we want to go these places. He will arrange for us. Of course, you don't choose a place that is super far and short time.

Below is itinerary for 6 relaxing days. We never go far north.

    Place: UBUD
    Restaurant Name: IBU OKA No1 must try item!!

2. Sea Food
Place: Jimbaran
Jimbaran is a best place for seafood. Jimbaran Bay seafood is the nicest seafood restaurant among so many seafood shop in Jimbaran. BARGAIN!! ;)

3. Nasi Pedas
 Place: Kuta
Restaurant name: 
The Nasi is pedas but nice!!

4. Balinese food
Place: Kuta
Restaurant name: Made's Warung
You have to queue, can try their sate and set balinese food. MARTABAK - is like apan balik

5. Restaurant Name: Terang Bulan
VERY NICE order chocolate/ cheese, my favourite.. haha

6. Famous Drink: Teh botol, Fruit tea

Place to Visit 
1. Tanah Lot (a temple in the sea, must go!!)
2. Garuda (GMK)
3. Kintamani - see valcano, a bit cold. It located above the hill and takes 2-3 hours to reach there.
4. Taman Ayun
5. Ulun Danun (i never been, but seem to b nice)
6. Kecak dance @ Ulu watu

1. Sukawati (CHEAPEST wholesales market) Kuta (Town)
2. Seminyak (art)

1. Sanur Nusa Dua - beach activites are expensive in Bali
2. Dreamland (i Love this the most and is new)

There is still a lot places... this is only south of Bali.. north of Bali got dolphin, black sand, etc etc.. This is all i can remember... ENJOY your trip!! :)
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