Shabu Sai @ Suntec City Mall

Shabu Sai is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant that serves Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki. 
During lunch, the price is cheap and we were given 90mins to eat. 90 mins are more than enough for lunch. Ingredients given are good quality. If you would like to have dinner, the price is set at $20-25. It is still worth going.

Different type of noodle.

Mix your sauce yourself.

They have chicken, pork and beef. You have to order from the waiter. 

This is nice. It take longer time to cook as it is thick beef meat. We can make our own sauce with the ingredients on the bar. I added a mix of chili, onion, sesame seed and egg.

They have few selection of soups and you can have two choices of soup at a time as the pot is divided into two compartment for two types of soup.
Seaweed soup is like water- I don't recommend, Seafood soup is tasty. There are also Pork soup and spicy soup.

Ice cream with topping. I am super full but I still wanna eat you, ice cream. 

Shabu Sai is definitely worth going. They have variety of quality ingredients. Good atmosphere with the shop facing the fountain. At city area to have this price of buffet is generally cheap. I will come back for sure.

PRICE | 价钱
$15.90 Buffet (Price vary at different time and promotion) I would recommend you to call up for the price)

LOVE | 爱

WHERE | 那里 
Basement 1 Tower One at Suntec City Mall
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