Mao sang wang Durian cake @ four season

I always see Groupon page full of Durian cake. I am so tempting to try one but I am sceptical. Worry that paying high price will give me disapointment. So today, I push my courage and purchased from a reputable shop named Four Season. They are famous of cakes and breads. Sent email three days before to order. Mao Shang Wang Durian cake I have ordered.

Redeemed!! Back with the Durian Cake. Look? Not attractive, rather disappointing . No strong smell floating in the house when cake arrived home.  Ok never mind, hoping it give me a fabulous taste. 

First cut, I don't see any durian flesh. It is just the flavour of durian. The puff is durian puff. I would say is just a normal durian cake with durian puff on TOP. Cake texture like normal butter cake with durian flavour. It just doesn't sound Mao Shang Wang to me. 

First and last time! Adios! 

Serangoon Nex branch

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