Saboten Japanese Restaurant @ Changi T1

There is more than one Saboten Branch in Singapore. However, if you are looking for Japanese or good food in Terminal 1 Changi Airport, Saboten could be your choice.

Saboten is a Japanese Restaurant with over 500 shops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Canada. It was establish in 1966 and now is one of the largest Tonkatsu Chain in Japan.

It is located at Changi T1 above row 7 Check in Counter - First Floor. See from the above picture??

We were given sesame seed and teaches us to grind our sesame. The longer we grind, the stronger the aroma of the sesame grew. We have to grind till it become powdery.

Then we add this sweet sauce to the sesame to be dip with our Fried Chicken.

Salad. There are two bottle of sauce to be mix with this cabbage. Nice! Cabbage is refillable.

This cutlet is super crispy and accompany with the fragrant sauce, gives the chicken more gorgeous. Saboten confirm give you a quality deep fried cutlet.

Dessert - Matcha Ice Cream.

Casual dining with friend and family would be a good place to go. Generally I like this place and would only come when there is set lunch or promotion.

 It is expensive place where average damage is about $30 per pax with only Tonkutsu. 
The set lunch can get in less than $20 with dessert where is worth.

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