Kim chi Set Lunch @ Suntec City Mall

Kimchi  is one of my favorite Korean Restaurant. The food are similar to original in Korea rather than localized like other Korean Restaurant. At the entrance, there is free Korean Coffee for you. They provide  small dishes that is on the bar for you to eat. Something like semi-salad buffet.

Kimchi 是我最喜欢的韩国餐厅之一。食物是类似于韩国原装而非局部性像其他韩国餐厅。在入口处,有你免费韩国咖啡。它们提供小碟是栏上给你吃。类似半自助沙拉。

Kimchi Restaurant is spacious giving more privacy to customer and family with stroller to move around. ok, other than set lunch I am talking about above, they do serve BBQ too.The exclusive design do always welcome customer with good service.

Kimchi 餐厅宽敞,提供更多的隐私客户和家人童车走动。好吧,不是设置午餐我说的是上述以外,他们也卖烧烤. 独特的设计做总是以良好的服务欢迎广大客户。

They also selling some Korean products that you can buy there too. Price are average.

When I order sets, it will come with dessert of the day and Korean Barley drink.
Andong Jjim Dak is almost similar to chinese dark soya chicken. Andong Jjim Dak is one of the famous food in Korea where food are boiled. The broth consist of Chicken and vegetables marinated with Korean Soya Sauce (Ganjang)

安东Jjim驿站几乎与中国老抽鸡。安东Jjim驿站是韩国著名的食品,其中食品煮之一。肉汤由鸡肉与韩国酱油腌制蔬菜( Ganjang )

Ramen Noodle. Their soups are creamy spicy and appetizing. But if you want rice and more spicy food, I would recommend Kimchi JJigae. The soup base is Kimchi. If you cannot take spicy, please let the them know to reduce the spiciness else you will be wet by then.

Korean Porridge was cooked till smooth and silky texture.


Dessert come together in the set lunch lunch. Dessert may vary on time. This is Strawberry pudding.


This is the small dishes on the bar compliment to you. Tea are refillable at the counter too.


Melona is one of my favorite Korean ice cream. I always get from Korean shop at Marina Square and sometimes i do see it selling at NTUC.

PRICE |  价钱
11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00–10:00 pm 

WHERE | 哪里
3 Temasek Boulevard #02-387, 038983 Singapore
(One Minute walk from Esplanade MRT)
Tel No: +65 6337 7811
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