Make Soy milk recipe using Hurom Juicer

1. 400g Soy bean
2. 3 ladders Sugar or brown sugar

I get this 400g soy bean from Tesco at RM1.80

Step 1: soak for 8 hours
Usually I will left it over night. Before you soak remember to wash.

Soak with 2 times of the water. The soy will absorb the water. More water is better than less water

After 8 hours of soak
Water reduced, with bubble and your soy become softer. Some of the skin peeled off itself

Step 2: Extract the soy using Hurom

You will get a very thick soy milk.

The extracted soy will be dried.

Step 3: Boil the soy milk with small fire
Soy can be easily burn, so you must slowly boil with small fire and only test when is cooked.

There will be a lot bubble, you can remove some of it. Add 2 times of the soy milk portion of water into the pot. You can add lesser or more water, depends on how thick you want.

Step 4: Add sugar
I am using brown sugar. Added your sugar in and stir well.

Soy milk is ready!! Enjoy the fresh and hot soy milk! 

If you still smell the strong bean smell, let it cool down. The smell will go away after it cool down a bit.
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