Penang Place Restaurant @ Fusionopolis Singapore

For Penangite, Penang Food Lover and Nyonya Food Lover, Penang Place Restaurant is the restaurant I would strongly recommend you to go. They serve in A-la-carte or Buffet style. Even though in buffet style, their quality is maintained. Therefore, for fast moving food, you need to wait for replenish.

对于Penangite ,槟城美食爱好者和娘惹美食爱好者,槟城广场餐厅是餐厅我强烈建议你去。他们服务于A-点菜或自助餐。尽管自助式,其质量得以维持。因此,对于快速移动的食物,你需要等待补货。

Nasi Lemak Ingredients. There is cucumber, lady fingers, peanut, anchovies and sambal.

Own mix and match Nasi lemak with fragrant Santan Rice.

Char koay teow is the best!! Confirm like Penang style! It come with BIG prawn.

Beef Rendang  仁当牛肉                             Asam prawn 酸对虾

Curry chicken 咖喱鸡                             Stingray fish 魟鱼

This is the Fried and steam stuff : Poh Piah, siew mai, char Siew pao
这是油炸和蒸汽的东西:博爱医院Piah ,烧卖,叉烧褒

Asam Laksa, Hokkien noodle. You just need to put the soup into your bowl. A small portion is enough as there is many more choices to eat.

Rojak, Cuttle fish and Kangkung. Self mix with peanut.
罗惹,墨鱼和Kangkung 。自拌花生。

Ice kacang ABC

Kuih muih & Salad

There is also dessert, jelly, fruits, koay ling kau
Their kueh is authentic and nice. 

After viewing the variety of penang/nyonya food, you will be screaming there I want it!! All foods are delicious and fresh! Variety of choices too!

还有一个甜点,果冻,水果, koay玲你

PRICE | 价钱
Adult Buffet
Mon - Fri Lunch: $23.90++
Mon - Thur Dinner: $26.90++
Fri (Dinner), Sat (Lunch & Dinner), Eve of and on Public Holiday (Lunch & Dinner): $29.90++

Child Buffet (3 to 10 yrs)
Mon - Fri Lunch: $14.90++
Mon - Thur Dinner: $16.90++
Fri (Dinner), Sat (Lunch & Dinner), Eve of and on Public Holiday (Lunch & Dinner): $17.90++

WHERE | 哪里
Penang Place Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Way, #B1-20/24, Connexis, Singapore 138632
dog checks

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