Soy milk using soya maker Recipe

Soy Milk Using Soya Maker 使用豆浆机做豆浆水

I believe you have heard before Soya maker. Nowadays there are many Brands of Soya maker. The famous one is the Phillips then Joyoung (Korean brand).

While I got this Rabbit Mart from a morning market at Malaysia. I was amazed that I can make a Soya drink in 25mins. If you happen to read my making Soya with Huron machine, you will understand that it needs overnight to produce a Soya drink as beans need to be soak overnight.

I get this maker at RM300.

Saya janji anda pernah dengar Soya Maker. Kini, berbagai jenama Soya maker dijual. Paling terkenal, saya rasa Phillips dan Joyung (dari korea).

Tapi, i saya mendapat dari Rabbit Mart kat pasar Pagi di Malaysia. Saya amat  memukau apabila mengetaui bahawa Susu Soya boleh dibuat dalam masa 25mins. Pernah dengar Hurom Machine, kena rendam itu soya kacang satu malam baru boleh tekan soya kacang sus keluar. Tapi, ini mesin, hanya 25mins jadi!

Mesin ini baru berharga RM300.

我相信你听过豆浆机做豆浆水。现在有豆浆机的品牌众多。著名的一个是菲利普斯则九阳(韩国品牌) 。

虽然今天早上我从马来西亚市场购买Rabbit Mart机。我很惊讶,我可以在25分钟做豆浆饮料。如果你碰巧读我的休伦豆浆与Huron机,你就会明白,它使用一夜之间生产出的饮料如黄豆需浸泡过夜。

With this Soya maker, it:
A) Reduce the time of making Soya drink (from 1 day to 1hour)
B) Simplicity and easy to wash 
C) Use less ingredients and produce the same amount of Soya volume
D) It can also make other dessert like green bean soup, red beansoup, jam, sesame paste, porridge for toddler, sweet potato dessert, juices.. etc in 25 min. ( they provide recipe book)

How it function?
It actually has a grinder inside with thermal pot. It crust the ingredients and boil it. When it boil out, the smell of Raw bean is strong. Leave it to cool for a while and the smell will go away.

How to use?
A small measurement cup is given. Half of a can of coke size.

1/2 cup Soya bean \ Kacang Soya \大豆. (without need to soak)
1/2 cup brown sugar \ Gula Melaka \ 红糖
900ml water \ Air \ 水

A) put all then 3 ingredients inside the Soya making pot
B) Choose bean option and start
C) After 25mins, enjoy your drink

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