Sangkaya - Nuts about coconuts

A dessert ship that sell only one type of ice cream which is coconut ice cream. The coconut taste is fragrant and the sweetness creamy coconut just taste awesome.

There is few prices for the same coconut ice cream. The most lavish is with coconut husk RM9.90. Below the husk there is coconut slides. If you are ordering normal type then it will be on the bowl which cheaper by 3 dollars and in cone will be RM2.90. They serve coconut shake and water too. It's all about coconut and yes hot weather clear your thirst! And is totally refreshing dessert. 

There is a bar with all the topping. You can add the unlimited topping based on your own preference. They have peanut, chocolate chip, coconut flakes, corn flakes, cereal, sweet corn, chocolate sauce and so on.

WHERE | 哪里
Many branches in Malaysia 
KL valley and Johor
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