Rocku Yakiniku @ Singapore

Rocku Yakiniku is a Japanese Buffet charcoal BBQ. The atmosphere is like disco, dark dark with rotating lights. A stroller definitely cannot go through the path. Ok, I did bring my toddler go.


Above is the portion of meats and seafood when you first sit down.

Did you see the chubby squid?? The most worth is the squid, is BIG and Fresh! It is a special item i see different compare to other BBQ restaurant.

Rocku is a Japanese BBQ place using charcoal that will out the best of BBQ food. Food BBQ using charcoal is definitely tastier than using electrical grill. This place is not stuffy nor sweaty. It still a cooling place when you BBQ.


Some of the items are not refillable. Some have to add on to become refillable. The down side of this the buffet don't include drinks compare to other Korea BBQ. The fruits are not cut, they serve pear only.
The positive side is they are using charcoal instead of electrical BBQ grill and the squid is meaty.


PRICE |  价钱

Lunch (12pm - 3pm)
Weekdays: $15.90++
Weekend: $29.90++

Weekdays: $29.90++
Fri-Sun, PH, eve of PH: $32.90++

WHERE | 哪里
Bugis+ 4th floor
201 Victoria St, 04 - 06 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188067
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