Korean BBQ dim with Cheese at Golden Old Street JB

I always had Korean BBQ but having to dip with cheese is my first time. Calling for Cheese lover!! This would be the place you want to be!

This is the a-la-carte Korean Cheese Forces Pot. The name also look grand!  You can choose either one from fish, chicken, pork or seafood. Middle is rice with cheese and egg where you can pick between kim rice (spicy) and hot stone rice (non-spicy and suitable for kids). It also come with mushroom and tomato in creamy sauce. When it first serve, the cheese was not melt. How to eat?? Wait for the egg inside the rice to cook and cheese to melt. Stir the rice with the egg and cheese. Fried meat and prawn will be dipped into the cheese. wala... It is so awesome!! For cheese lover, this is definitely heaven to you.

For buffet, add on RM10 for cheese. Above pot will not be given, instead a normal BBQ pan is given.

You can have it in either a-la-carte or in buffet style. Even you ordered a-la-carte, there is still free flow or mushroom, vegetable, drink and ice-cream. There is two types of drinks (ice tea and sour sop). The ice-cream is nice (not those cheapo type) and variety. flavor include coconut, chocolate, mint, yam and strawberry.

After you ordered the Korean cheese forces pot, you can ordered the side order at only RM10. We tried this Korean Kim Chi noodle that serve in hotpot. While, this is average, they can do better! Is spicy and not suitable for kids.

Attached Price and part of the menu for your reference.

PRICE | 价钱
LOVE | 爱

12pm - 3pm, 5pm-11pm


WHERE | 哪里
金山烤肉 Golden Old Street Korean BBQ
Emas 1, Tamnn Emas, 81200 JB., 127, Jalan Anggerik 4, Taman Anggerik, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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