Krazy Salads @ Toa Payoh

Have you been to former Sizzler?? Yes this is the cheaper version of it with nice, variety and semi-buffet on the salad bar.


Set lunch is the most worth meal we are talking about here. Given the above price, Krazy Salad is just pushing you to order the steak at $19.90. Yes, we go with their strategy ordered steak.

午餐套餐是我们在谈论这里最值得一顿饭。鉴于以上的价格,Krazy Salad 只是推你为$ 19.90订购牛排。是的,我们去与他们的战略下令牛排。

The portion of the steak is the same size for all set lunch just that with different sauces. No worry you will be hungry with this portion, you will be Super full with their attractive dishes on salad bar.

牛排的部分是所有午餐套餐只是用不同的酱汁大小相同。不用担心, 沙拉吧将让您充分.

Salad bar with fruits and also soups. They serve thick n nice mushroom soup. You can see the mushroom slices on it. There is also have other soup like spicy sour soup and also tomato soup.


Beverage and Chinese dessert. Today's dessert is green pea soup.

Spaghetti section where they have thick bolognese sauce. You can also make your own aglio olio spaghetti given the oil and bottle of sauces.
意大利面部分,在那里他们有厚厚的肉酱。您也可以使自己的aglio Olio意大利面给油和酱汁的瓶子
Ice cream in cup or cone! With few selection of topping.

The serve rojak! But you have to make your own. Yummy delicious!
Rojak 但是你必须使自己的。美味可口!
My light version of rojak. You can adjust your rojak with the bottle of sugar and sauce.
The only thing that need to TOP up is $3.50 for coffee. 
When you are hungry or looking for refillable salad place. This is a good place to go. Ingredients are all fresh and food quality is high! 

I would come again! 

需要补足的唯一事情就是喝咖啡$ 3.50 。

PRICE |  价钱


11am to 10pm

WHERE | 哪里
Krazy salad @ Toa Payoh
Blk 190, #516, 2 Lor 6 Toa Payoh

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