Astons - Quality western food at affordable price

Astons is renowned of their cheap nice quality western cuisine which is The founder Astons Soon dream. Even you order a steak, it is also at a affordable price. They offer fish and pasta set too. But chicken is their popular.

Astons was started at a coffee shop situated at East Coast Road before moving to shop front. Hearing what customers want,make him where he is today. 

For certain outlet, there is always Long queue on Lunch and dinner time. Suntec is one of it! Go early! But not to worry, they serve fast too.

For all Aston Chicken set are $9.90 with two side dishes at your choice. With this price and restaurant is located at prime area, it is definitely worth the price.

$9.90 for all chicken set that come with two side dishes. This is limited time fiery chicken. The meat always tender and succulent. It never fail the customer.

$13.90 Chicken and Sausage set that come with two side dishes. The sausage is chewy type like IKEA and cover with sauce. This is definitely a good and worth  combination. 

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