Punggol Waterway Park - Jewel Bridge

Jogging as been part of my weekly activities now. Working from home is like almost no body movement. Only finger movement. All I need was just 5 steps to kitchen, 5 steps to dining table and 5 steps to loo. Unhealthy!!! So start your walking and enjoy your Singapoliday!

Capturing landscape could be your next job! 

This is the view when I am jogging from Sengkang Park to Punggol Park. it is so serene. Mirror reflection can easily capture found along the park.

Then you reach Jewel Bridge.

Jewel Bridge on the right

View from the Jewel Bridge

Jewel Bridge on the left

After Jewel Bridge, you will reach Punggol Waterway Park. A scenic park.

A place like you are in European country where they drew on the wall.

It is breathtaking view at night too. So if you couldn't make it to the morning walk, then try evening walk.

From Sengkang Park (Skool4kidz) to Jewel Bridge Punggol and back will take about 6.5km. No worry, there is a public toilet in Punggol Park.

Singapore has a lot of nice scenic place! You can check out more park here

You can also check out Sengkang Wetland park here.

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