Sengkang Wetland Sengkang Riverside Park Singapore Singapoholiday

Sengkang is a new estate with more young couple staying here. It is not entirely true when you think new estate should be like busy city rather than sub-urban. Sengkang has its serene part. 

I really love jog, trail and walk at Sengkang Riverside Park. Strolling during day and night give different view. Many families bring kids for cycling at the evening too.

This is the night view of Sengkang Riverside Park.

This is the floating platform walking to Sengkang Wetland.

These is the day view of Sengkang Riverside Wetland

All the fernvale condo reflection.

Sengkang Wetland floating platform.


You can see a lot of tortoise when you visit Sengkang wetland. Sometimes there is surprise guest with the tortise.

   This is when I cross over towards fernvale condo. There is like a small hill for you to jog around.

Here is the journey from towards Punggol From Sengkang.

Here i would like to remind everyone to stay 1m apart and wear mask if you are walking only. Help Singapore to fight COVID-19 and we can live happily.

This is the Skool4kidz at Sengkang when you can start your jogging journey here. 

Get to know more about Singapore. Stay Mentally Healthy with Singapoliday! and Stay safe!

You can check out Punggol Waterway park here.


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