Nasi Padang at Chumpo Rivervale Plaza

Chumpo Indonesian Padang which located at Rivervale Plaza serve nice and affordable food!

Nasi Lemak with chicken at only $2.50 for all year long. They also serve Nasi bernyani, mee siam, mee rebus and Nasi Padang.

Currently they are having promo for coffee and tea at 70cents only!!  
I don’t think we can get such wonderful price at a mall nowadays.

They are open as early as 7am. When I am there at 8am, the place already crowded. 

You can always have a nice breakfast here after your marketing. There is a decent wet market there.

There is 3 stalls selling seafood, 2 big stall selling cheap vegetables, there is also stalls selling pork, beef and lamb. 
There is also liang tou fu stall. It consider as a complete and big wet market in Sengkang area.



4/5 It is a good place for breakfast! 

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

Yes, early worm catches the worms


118 Rivervale Dr, Singapore 540118

Opening Time|Waktu Buka|营业时间

7am - 6pm

 Chumpo reviews are based on personal judgement and scenario on the day I visited.

I really hope these reviews could help you.

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