Shack shack Burger at Jewel

Why Shack Shack Burger has a long queue? I still do not quite understand. So I went at non peak hour and day in Jewel Airport! Short queue as expected.

First step in, oh there is only limited selection. That’s easy! I just get the ShackBurger and SmokeShack! 
Almost 1/3 of the burgers on the menu already tried.

Shack Burger
Smoke Shack Burger
Cheese fries
Root beer floats

I would say is the same as fast food style. You have to order yourself, collect your self and find your seat. Meals are serve in disposable.

Burgers are huge for double burger! Cheese on fries are generous and floats so far can be found in A&W but now you can find it here! 

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