King Fried Rice at Sengkang Square


This is how it look when you dine in.

This is how it look when you tapao home! 

This is the famous King of Fried Rice which is similar style to Din Tai Fung. I personally a fan of Din Tai Fung Fried rice.

The rice is Egg fried rice. Some did comment the rice a bit oily.

The portion given is big! You can see the pork is so big piece! The pork is tender and juicy. The Fried pork is not exactly the same like Din Tai Fung, they have different type of marinate. Definitely up to my expectation. 

You can find it on the first row facing the road. You will see no queue because it is using queue number. When i went at 12:30pm, the is no queue, i thought what a lucky day. Then i got my lucky number 42, and i lifted my head to view the number running on the board is displaying 20!!! 😓

So if you cannot wait, please ask how long you need to wait before you place your order. So, i went to wet market to get some vegetables. You know, sengkang square has a veges stall that sell cheap and big bunch of veges compare to NTUC or Sheng Siong.

Other than Pork Cutlet Egg Fried Rice which is the popular selection, they have Shrimps and Shrimps with Tobiko also. All are priced at $6.50 except the last one at $7.50.

It actually took about 40mins for my rice to be ready. You can see other patrons sitting around the stall with drinks waiting for their King Fried Rice to be ready.

There is also a charges of 30cents when you takeaway.
Use Kopitiam card and you get 10% discount!

I will totally recommend King of fried rice! 

Currently they only have two branches in Singapore. Take note, they are having break from 3-4pm on both branches to replenish their stocks.

📍 GOLDENMILE TOWER B1-56/57 (11:30AM-8:30PM)

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