Make Baby Teething Bite Recipe in 5 Simple Steps Recipe

Baby Teething is common in baby from 6 months onwards.
There is many teething bite available on the stores.

Here I have a simple recipe for you to make your own teething food for your baby.  

STEP 1 Prepare 50ml of Juice
Any Juice that you can get from your home. 
Vege Juice, Dragon food Juice, Carrot Juice, Kiwi Juice, Orange Juice, Potato Juice... and so on...
The Juice that you choose will impact on the color of the bite you going to make.

This round I Choose Carrot and Kiwi since this is what I have in my fridge.
You can choose as many juices you want.

Juice them and get 50ml each.

STEP 2 Prepare 90g of Flour for each Juice.

Mix 90g of Flour with 50ml of Juice and make it till a dough. Then wrap them in Cling wrap and let it rest for 20mins.

STEP 3 Flatten each flavour to about 1-2mm thick.
Stick them together by brushing some water. You can stick up to 3 layers.
Then Cut the into short slices.

 Baby Teething Dough

STEP 4 Twist each slices to make it curl and join them back become a circle.

STEP 5 Brush or spray some water on top of the dough and put into Oven for 90-120mins at 150 Degree celsius.

Final Product

Here is the final products!! My baby love it so much and it took her a while to finish it. The smell of the bite is nice. When you smell, you will want to have a bite too.
It is very hard. I myself also think is hard to bite. For them is really soothing for their teething.

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