Tajimaya Wagyu BBQ Buffet

After went for Gyu Kaku Wagyu Beef buffet. I getting more tempted with Wagyu Beef. So today I went to Tajimaya Wagyu Beef Buffet which they serve Premium Wagyu Beef.

I went to Vivo Outlet. BBQ is using Charcoal.

Every one serving you order, i one plate. So if you need more than one plate, order more serving. They are Wagyu, Lamb, Smoked duck and Pork Slices.

Don't overcook your beef, it will be hard. Among all, i still like to order wagyu beef  and Smoked duck more.

This is what you can order at Tajimaya Buffet. Few choices at each category. Compare to Gyu Kaku, they have wider range of selection. The good part in Tajimaya is they have sashimi buffet too. 

Kids are suitable too, they can eat Appetiser  like corn, Takoyaki, Edamame, Salad, Sushi like Maki, Soup, rice, chicken and mushroom. Kids below 5 is Free.

Price is tagged $49.90 at lunch and $59.90 at dinner for an adult including free flow of soft drinks which include Ice Lemon Tea. They put a lot ice on drink and I found the ices are not easily melt or diluted compare to I went BBQ other place. The drink is always cold and I feel so good on every sip.


Tajimaya or Gyu Kaku Better?
I prefer Gyu Kaku as they have wider selection of Wagyu! I am expecting Lamb Rack at Tajimaya, but a bit disappointed. 
Check out Gyu Kaku review here.

LOVE | 爱 | CINTA  ❤️❤️ 
OPENING TIME | 营业时间 |MASA BUKA 12pm to 3pm, 6pm-9pm
WHERE | 那里 | MANA  #01-102/103 Vivo City
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