Goh Heung 五香 Prawn Noodle at Singapore Heritage Seletar Mall Sengkang

I like to spend my tea time here eating Goh Heung here. Their food is not fried multiple time till it is so dry. It is really fresh fried! Serve hot! Nice presentation and nice sauce. You can ask refill for the sauce. 100% handmade.

The stall also sell prawn noodle.

    Prawn + Pork Rib Noodle 

Signature Prawn Noodle

Dry Prawn Noodle

The broth is so good. Thick and strong flavour of prawn. It’s the best prawn noodle broth that I ever tried. $7.80 for prawn with pork rib. I would prefer the soup over the dry. 

Singapore heritage sell more than just this. It is like a hawker that sell the all popular Singapore heritage food. They have Bee Hong boneless chicken rice, Heng Heng Hainanese Curry Rice and Eng’s Wantan noodle. 

At the drink store, they sell delicious Poh Piah and Pie tee. A place for you to have your meals and snacks.

Singapore Heritage is located at

Seletar Mall #03-10/12


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