Nasi Lemak at Paman Panggang Sengkang!

Need nice Nasi Lemak in Sengkang, I found one at one of the Hawker at Block 338 Anchorvale cres. 

You can visit this Paman Panggang stall. They serve hot and nice Sambal Nasi Lemak. The display is so authentic and the smell of santan really attract me. 

One plate cost: $3.50!

 This stall sell starting early morning at 8am. Other than this stall, there are soup noodl, fried noodle stall and Prata stall in the morning too.

Chi char (buey tahan See-food) which is halal and western food will only available during lunch.

On the same block, you can find Sheng Siong, clinics, bakery and enrichment class.  
Updated on 26 Feb 2022:
The stall closed permanently.

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