Batu Caves Malaysia - a place that must visit when you are in Malaysia!

Batu Caves is a mogote that has series of caves and temples which located at Gombak Selangor Malaysia. It is literally 15mins drive from Kl City Center to Batu Caves.
It is the one of the popular Hindu Shrines temple outside India.

This is the second flight of stairs.

Do you know there is 272 stairs to reach inside Batu Caves? Here is a bit of the history.
In 1920, the steps built were only a wooden stairs and in 1930, the stairs start to shown the sign of wet 7 tears. Chairman of the Temple, Ramachandran Naidu proposed to built 2 flights of concrete stairs and work started on 1939 and completed in 1940.
In 2018, 272 stairs were painted. Each set of steps were painted with a range of bright colourful paint where you can see on the first picture.

Inside the caves, it is wet and dark depends on the weather. It is quite slippery.

The limestone has been said forming for 400millions years.

Batu Caves is a popular visit place during Thaipusam or Deepavali.

Inside the caves, there are different paths that will bring you to different shrine of Hindus belief.  It is an open air space where you will get wet on raining days.

There are many statue that fascinating. 

It is open air at some point inside the caves like above. It is totally nice to just watch above of you.

Time to go down. It actually don’t take long for you to go up or down the 272 stairs. You can rest in between every 20-30 steps and enjoy the view. 

During your walk to and in Batu Caves, you may encounter Monkey loitering around. Banana are sold there to be feed to the monkey. But be mindful of the monkeys, they can just grab your phone, hats, bag or food if they get the chance.

Can an elderly age 60 climbing up?
yes. they can keep resting and go slowly

Can a kids as young as 2+yo climb up?
yes. They actually exciting and active. They can even overtake you.

What should I Prepare?
Do not wear short skirt or short pant for ladies as it is not allowed to enter.
I actually prepared a long scarf and tight as a long skirt when i enter.

How to get to Batu Caves?
Either Drive or call a Grab/Taxi will be the most convenient method.

Gombak 68100 Batu Caves Selangor Malaysia

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