Bar.B.Q Plaza @ Genting Sky Avenue


A cold weather in Genting definitely let you think of steamboat or BBQ. There is a BarBQ Plaza in Genting Sky Avenue where I ordered the RM198 package for pax of 4.

They serve good quality meat and good amount of it! The meat is tender and served right with the sweet savoury sauce, garlic and green chilli. You can mix these 3 ingredients just at your seat. Meat are easily chewable which make me eat more! 

Ingredients are fresh and variety!

Food presentation is good too!
Set come with 4 bowls of rice and noddle. The rice has a bit strong smell of garlic that some might not love it.

The set come with seafoods, mushrooms, vegetables and 1.5litre of coke!

This is the similar Package been ordered. It is totally a great deal!

Bar.B.Q Plaza in Genting located indoor which make it not the top option for eater. They will prefer to go Beauty in the pot or Teriyaki grill at out door on the top level (Same level as BarBQ Plaza). Therefore, queue are still bearable on peak hour.



Opening Time:
11:00am - 10:00pm


Lot SA - T2C - 33, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

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