So Good Char Chan Tang & bakery @ Midview City

So Good Char Chan Teng serve Traditional Hong Kong food like rice, noodle, dim sum, congee and dessert.

They have a nice ambience, cold and cozy for your breakfast.
You have to order in the counter and collect when your number is called.


Triple Combination Meat $22
(CharSiew, Roasted Duck and Char Siu) 

Polo Bun with Butter $2.40

Pan Fried Carrot Cae

Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimp

Yuan Yang
This is so good. The taste of the Yuan Yang is totally smooth in your mouth. I have been wondering, how to make this.

Glutinous rice dumpling

Hong Kong Boat Congee
The Congee is smooth

You can get your condiment and cutlery at this section. Then return your tray after you finish.

Besides the Char Chan Teng, there is So Good Bakery. The parties, bread, egg tarts are so compelling where you will just want to get it all.

The price is not really killing.

Other Branches:
TripleOne Somerset


Capitol Piazza

Republic Plaza

I12 Katong



Opening Time:
08:00am - 08:30pm

26 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #01-121, Singapore 573971


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