Chin Swee Caves Temple at Genting Highlands changed a lot!

Chin Swee Caves Temple has changed a lot since the last 5 years. The most impressive is they have a Starbucks (Level 12) now!

Chin Swee Caves Temple was officially open on 29 March 1994. It used 18 years to build by deploying manual labour after construction of First Genting Hotel and Casino in 1975. With the steep of rocky terrain, it is impossible to deploy machine or technology at that time. It is 4,600 feet above the sea and sit on 28 acre plot of rocky land. 

If you are driving, you will definitely see the sign of Chin Swee caves temple. It is 5-10mins drive from Resort World Genting.
Today, there is direct cable car (Awana Skyway) from Resort World Genting or Genting Premium outlet.

They have ancient Chinese story to be view here like 10 chambers of Hell, Fairies attraction, Monkey King and more.

Place are spacious and really give you peace!

You can go up the Pagoda where there are 10,000 blessing lamps installed to blessed devotees of the temple.

Statue of Kuan Yin
It is a very very tall statue

Statue of Buddha
It is really big statue.

Parking are free but limited. You may need around 1 hour to tour in and out the caves, up and down the hill.

They do have souvenir shops and local food now!

I always visited Chin Swee Caves Temple on the way back from Resort World Genting. It always give me a piece of mind when I am there.



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