Syohachi Yakiniku serve Premium A5 Japanese Wagyu buffet

Syohachi Yakiniku A5 Wagyu

Syohachi Yakiniku is Japanese BBQ Buffet that serve Premium Japanese A5 Wagyu. All food come in pieces and label nicely!

They have a very nice and clean environment given everyone is BBQing.
The smoke do not flow up which make you smell clean when you leave the place too.

They served 4 different type of sauces to dip with your meat.

One time Free Sashimi! Subsequent order are chargeable as it is not included in the buffet.

This is what happen when you ordered only 1 portion. For every meat, one portion means one pc. All the meat are cut exquisite.

They are actually electric but really look like charcoal type of big fire. This impressed me as it really make me smell better when I am out from the shop.

Other than beef, they have lamb chop (1 type only), chicken, pork, seafood, Vege and side dishes.

Seafood like prawn, oyster, clam and muscle.

They also serve side dishes like soup, kimchi, cawanmushi, edamame, chuka idako, tea and more...

I feel very oily when come to the end of meal especially for the A5 Wagyu. The variety is not as much as Gyu Kaku Shop but price are almost the same. Other than the Wagyu, the rest of the dishes are mostly marinated which I feel too much sauce rather than enjoying the real fresh food.

For Premium A5 Japanese Wagyu Ala carte Buffet cost around 

$76.80++/pax and $46.80++/per child 

$88.80++/pax and $46.80++/per child 

They also serve normal Yakiniku Ala Carte Buffet starting from $56.80++/pax
Free for child below 90cm.

Let's take a steps back.

Is A5 Wagyu the highest grade?
A5 is actually the meat great based on color, marbling, firmness, texture, brightness and quality of the fats. A5 is the highest possible quality grade that a Wagyu can achieve.


Other than A5 is special, the rest of the dishes given at buffet are not up to expected standard.

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

No. Not near my place and I have better options


Guoco Tower

5 Wallich St, #01 - 13, Singapore 07888

Opening Time|Waktu Buka|营业时间

11:30am - 11:00pm

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