Divine Delights: Unveiling the Irresistible Magic of Crispy Durian Puffs Kazo

 Kazo the best durian puff that I cannot resist

The durian has enjoyed a long history as a beloved culinary treasure in Southeast Asia. However, in recent years, its unique flavor profile and creamy texture have been harnessed in innovative ways to create delightful desserts. Durian puffs, in particular, have surged in popularity, offering a novel approach to enjoying this polarizing fruit. The soft, flaky puff pastry holds within it a velvety durian filling, showcasing the fruit's complexity in a form that appeals even to those skeptical of its powerful scent.

As the demand for durian puffs has grown

Numerous brands have entered the market, each vying to offer their take on this intriguing delicacy. Kazo prides itself on using real, fresh durian flesh in their fillings. This dedication to genuine ingredients ensures that each bite of their durian puff delivers the true essence of the fruit, capturing its unique blend of sweetness and savory undertones.


For adventurous food enthusiasts and durian aficionados alike, these puffs provide a chance to explore the fruit in a new light, as well as a chance for skeptics to potentially change their minds.

Other than puff, they offer variety delectable flavours of tarts! I totally love most of their products. 

Get your puffs in 4 for $13!

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