All Lok Lok at RM1 only in Mount Austin - no need see stick color anymore


Does Powertea provide luxury of lok lok selection?

When it comes to street food in Johor, few dishes capture the essence of local cuisine like Lok Lok. This beloved snack has won the hearts of Malaysians and tourists alike with its unique blend of flavors, dipping sauces, and the thrill of cooking your food on skewers. If you're visiting Johor Bahru and want to embark on a gastronomic adventure, Lok Lok is a must-try. We'll take you on a culinary journey through our experience at one of Johor Bahru's best Lok Lok spots.

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Our quest for the perfect Lok Lok experience led us to a hidden gem in the heart of Johor Bahru. The name may not ring a bell to many, but the flavors certainly do! Powertea Lok Lok, located at Mount Austin, is a haven for Lok Lok enthusiasts. From the moment we stepped in, we knew we were in for a treat.

我们追寻完美的Lok Lok体验带我们来到柔佛新山的心脏,发现了这颗隐藏的宝石。这个名字对许多人来说可能不太熟悉,但它的美食绝对让人难以忘怀!位于奥斯丁山的Powertea Lok Lok,是Lok Lok爱好者的天堂。自从我们踏入这里的那一刻,我们就知道我们将要被美食所陶醉.

Powertea Lok Lok's menu is extensive, offering an array of skewers, vegetables, and noodles. You can choose from a variety of proteins like chicken, seafood, and even exotic options like quail eggs, cuttlefish, and more. Vegetarians will be pleased to find plenty of plant-based options, too.

The sauce bar is a real highlight here. With an impressive array of dipping sauces ranging from mild to fiery where you can help yourself from the sauce station on the right of the shop, you can customize your Lok Lok experience to suit your palate. The staff is more than willing to help you pair the perfect sauce with your skewers.

Powertea Lok Lok的菜单非常丰富,提供各种串烧、蔬菜和面条。您可以从各种蛋白质选择,如鸡肉、海鲜,甚至还有诸如鹌鹑蛋、墨鱼等异国风味的选择。素食者也会高兴地发现有许多以植物为基础的选项。

这里的调味酱吧实在是一个亮点。有各种蘸酱,从温和到火辣不等,您可以从店铺右侧的酱料站自行取用,以适应您的口味来个性化您的Lok Lok体验。工作人员也非常愿意帮助您选择与您的串烧完美搭配的酱料。

How much does Powertea Lok lok cost?

The Lok Lok experience thrives on interactivity. With each stick priced at RM1, yes all stick at priced at RM1. It tends to get quite busy during meal times. Finding your own seating is a casual affair, as there's no designated queuing system or seat allocation.

After securing your seats, head to the front of the establishment and select your desired skewers. Then, proceed to the counter to make your payment and provide your table number. The friendly staff will promptly deliver your selections to your table.

Lok Lok体验强调互动性。每根串烧售价为1马币,因此在用餐时间会相当繁忙。找座位是一个轻松的事情,因为没有特定的排队系统或座位分配。


During our visit, we couldn't resist trying a bit of everything. Some standout skewers included the prawn, fish, satay, qual eggs, intestine, sausage, beancurd, potato chips. The vegetable skewers were a delightful addition, providing a healthy balance to our meal.


As we left Lok Lok Paradise, our taste buds were still tingling with the flavors of the delicious skewers and sauces. If you're in Johor Bahru, make sure to visit this Lok Lok haven for a memorable and delectable dining experience.

Ensure that you indulge in more seafood because it's unquestionably more worthwhile than the other options.

当我们离开Lok Lok Paradise时,我们的味蕾仍然被美味的串烧和酱料的风味所激发。如果您在柔佛新山,请务必前来拜访这个Lok Lok的天堂,留下难以忘怀和美味的用餐体验。




The food is scrumptious and a great value, but you may need to contend for seating.

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

Yes, Food is delicious and great value.



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6:30pm - 12:30am    

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