Little Bali

Mongolia Pork Chop It has coffee smell, taste like pai kut ong. CHILLI CRAB   Little bali was located at Alexandra but they have shifted to ...Read More

Jumbo Seafood Crab

Jumbo Seafood is one of the famous chain restaurant in Singapore. The price is reasonable and they always has a located at a strategy place ...Read More

zhi de @ Red Hill

Fried prawn with tau ki Pork Chop Chicken stuff with preserved vege.. To put your chopstick on this pretty lady icon. This restaurant is goo...Read More

Tony Roma

Pork Rib Platter Dessert Location : Suntec City Tony Roma in Spore is famous of PORK RIBS but Malaysia Tony Roma does not sell pork due to h...Read More


Pizza - self pick ingredients Beef Meat Ball Spaghetti The meat ball is soft and tender. Cheese bake rice. You will love it if you Love Chee...Read More

Shokudo - Singapore

Before you enter, they will give you something like credit card. Is like food court inside, swap your card each time you order and it w...Read More
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