Osaka - Japan One day Trip Itinerary Day 2

Osaka - Japan One day Trip Itinerary 

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DAY 2 – Osaka







Wake up and refresh

Buy ticket on every metro trip or Osaka Metro Daily passKlook




Kuromon Market


4 mins


Osaka Castle




Tsutenkaku Tower in Shinsekai











Prepare for next day

1. Check JR Card Activation Location and timing


1. Kuromon Ichiba Market 

Walk 4 minutes from Hotel to Kuromon Ichiba Market for breakfast and tour the market

Opening Hour

Stalls usually Open around 8 - 9am. Best to visit before 11am to get freshest buy! Close at 6pm.  

How to go

Google Map


 The market actually start after 830am. It was still quiet if you reach too early.

You can choose your crab and prawns. They will bbq for you and have it there!

Yes! They have a big range of wagyu! Choose your type and they BBQ on the spot for you too!

Same for other seafood, you can choose to eat as sashimi or bbq!

The foods in the market are very fresh! Please set some budget for this as it is fresh seafood! 

2. Osaka Castle

After that take train to Osaka Castle  (about 33 minute ride)


Opening Hour

9:00am - 5:00pm (4:40 pm last admission)


- Castle Tower: 600yen

- Nishinomaru Garden: 200yen (Closed on Mondays (or following day if Monday is a national holiday)

How to go

- Walk to Nippombashi Station

- Take Sakaisuji Line  to Sakaisuji Hommachi Station

- Change to Chuo Line

- Align at Tanimachiyonchome Station


3. Tsutenkaku Tower & Shinsekai

After visit Osaka Castle, take train to Tsutenkaku Tower & Shinsekai (both at the same place)

Tsutenkaku Tower

The "Tsutenkaku Tower" is a landmark tower of Osaka and registered as a national tangible cultural property. If you go to the golden observation platform where you can have an entire view of the hustle and bustle of Osaka, you will meet the “Billiken” statue that is said to bring good fortune to those who touched the soles of his feet.

The original tower was built in July 1912 as a symbol of an entertainment facility called Luna Park, and was made to look like the Eiffel Tower was on top of the Arc de Triomphe. It measured about 75 meters tall and was the tallest building in the East at the time, with the name literally meaning “a tall building leading to the heavens.” Due to a fire in January 1943, the original Tsutenkaku was dismantled. Later in 1956, the 2nd Tsutenkaku was rebuilt with the backing of the local residents. The 2nd tower was 108 meters tall, including the lightning rod. The designer was Tachu Naito, who was also the designer of Tokyo Tower which was being built during the same period. In recent years the tower continued to evolve as it added a special outdoor observation platform and the Tower Slider.

Opening Hour

10am - 8pm (7:40pm last admission)


900 yen

How to go

- Walk to Tanimachiyonchome Station or Morinomiya station

- Take Chuo Line to Sakaisuji Hommachi Station

- Change to Sakaisuji Line  

- Align at Ebisucho Station


Tsuntenkaku Tower Website


Shinsekai (新世界, lit. "New World") is a district in Osaka that was developed before the war and then neglected in the decades afterwards. At the district's center stands Tsutenkaku Tower, the nostalgia-evoking symbol of Shinsekai.

The area was developed into its current layout following the success of the 1903 National Industrial Exposition, which brought over five million people to the neighborhood within just five months. Shortly after the expo closed its doors, work began to improve and update Shinsekai.

Things to do Shinsekai


a. Eat Kushikatsu
One of Osaka's best known specialtiesMany of Shinsekai's kushikatsu restaurants are open 24 hours.

Try kushikatsu Daruma with Google rating of 4.1

b. Jan Jan Yokocho (ジャンジャン横丁) 
is a 180 m long arcade through the district. The narrow arcade is lined up with retro shops, restaurants and cafes where you can see the real local life of the city. Many Kushikatsu restaurants are located in this arcade,too.

c. Spa World
Shinsekai is also home to Spa World, a huge bath complex with a large number of pools on a European-themed floor and an Asian-themed floor. The floors are switched between genders each month, and bathing is enjoyed naked. Natural hot spring water is pumped up from far below the earth's surface.There is also a sauna, a swimming area with a water slides and a playground, a sports gym, a massage salon, restaurants, shops and a hotel. With an admission fee of 1,200 yen, the Spa World offers free use of the bath, pool and gym all day.

Opening Hour

10:00am – 8:00pm 


Start from 1,200 yen (depends which you are going)

How to go

Walk from Tsutenkaku


Spa World

4. Back to hotel to leave our things, proceed to Dontonbori

Walk around for drug stores and foods! If you do not know what to eat? Open up google map and see the ratings and comments! I would suggest for high rating (<3.9) with more than 100 comments!

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