Beppu Kyushu Japan Itinerary Day 7 - Beppu One day Itinerary

Beppu Kyushu Japan One Day Itinerary 

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Beppu Kyushu Japan

Day 7 – Travel from Hakata Station to Beppu Station


One day Trip at Beppu





Wake up and refresh.


Check out Hotel ( TAMAISHINWA Building, Hakata)


Buy Breakfast at Hakata


Take Train from Hakata to Beppu using JR Pass (2 hours)


Check in Hotel(Ryokan Nogami Honkan)


Visit Jigoku Meguri Tour (Eight Hell of Beppu)


Lunch at Jigokumushi Kobo Kannawa


Beppu Robeway (largest ropeway in Kyushu to Mount Tsurumi


Tea time at Okamotoya


Myoban Yunosato Onsen


Dinner at Toyotsune Honten


Onsen at hotel

Prepare for next day

1. Check Yufuin train from and to timing


Google Map

Bus Stop Route
We going from Kitahama (Green route) --> Kannawa (Green route)--> Beppu Ropeway (need to ask how to go) --> Jizoyu Mae (Pink route) --> Kannawa (change to Green route) --> Kitahama (Green route)

Beppu Kyushu Japan Bus Route

Detail Itinerary

1. Take JR Train from Hakata Station to Beppu & Meet the Aburaya Kumahachi statue in front of Beppu Bus Station – Father of Tourism in Beppu

Wake up at 5am. Breakfast - buy Ekiben and eat in the train

Check out from TAMAISHINWA Building

- It will take around 2 hours from Hakata to Beppu.

- If got time, we visit Father of Tourism just in front of Beppu Station.

2.  Go Hotel

We can only check in to our hotel (Ryokan Nogami Honkan) at 4pm but we can drop our luggage there first.

It is a 6min (550m) walk from station to Hotel.

Ryokan hotel make us like living at home. We can roam around every floors with our bath robe. Drinks are available free every floor. You can even get humidifier, iron, tooth brush all at reception. Hot spring onsen is just within the building.

Nogami honkan Japan Hakata

Nogami honkan Japan Hakata Room

Nogami honkan Japan Hakata Main

3. Buy Bus Ticket at Bus Kitahama Bus Center

After dropped our luggage bag, we can walk to the nearest Bus Center to get our Bus Ticket.

Opening Hour

  • 8:00-18:30


Daily Pass at 9000yen 


Buy Beepu Experience Bus Ticket Pass at 2700yen

How to go

Walk to 300m about 5 mins from our hotel to Kemenoi Kitahama Bus Center


Kamenoi Kitahama Bus Center 

Every Experience Pass come with Free Bus Card for one day and 4 Experiences Ticket. Choose your activities from below:

We will be choosing A1 and C3 as our activities.

Beppu Experience Bus Ticket

A. Functional Hot Spring

    1. Myoban Yunosato – 1 exp ticket required - 60mins dip

    2. Ebisuya Hot Spring  - 2 exp ticket required

    3. Oni-ishi no yu - 1 exp ticket required

B. Hell-Steam Food

   1.  Enma Geothermal Tourist Lab (Experience steaming hell set + use of steaming kettle) - 4 exp tickets required

C. Craft making & Touching moments

     1. Oita Fragrance Museum - 4 exp tickets required

     2. Enma Geothermal Tourist Lab (bamboo) - 4 tick + 1000 yen OR 6 tickets  

     3. Beppu Ropeway - 3 tick + 200 yen

     4. Beppu Art Museum - 1 tick + 200 yen

     5. Enma Geothermal Tourist Lab (hot spring dyeing)  - 4 tick + 1000 yen OR 6 tickets

D. Deeply Local discovery tour

    1. Assembly point - In front of the tourist information office at JR Beppu station - 2 tickets

E. Beppu Gourmet

    1. Toyotsune (Extra-special Tendon + Favorite soft drink) - 2 exp tic required 

    2. Restaurant Mitsuboshi (Authentic rice omelet + Hot spring steamed vegetables + drink (for lunch only)) - 4 exp tic require

4. Beppu Tower

Beppu Tower designers of five major cities across the country, including Tokyo Tower and Tsutenkaku Tower, and Beppu Tower, collectively known as the "Six Tower Brothers",Tachyu Naito, an honorary professor at Waseda University, has designed steel frame structure radio towers and sightseeing towers many times, known as "Tower Ph.D.".

Opening Hour

  • 9:30 am–9:30 pm


Adults 800 yen 

Junior high school 

students 600 yen 

4-elementary school students 400 yen  

Under 3 years old Free

How to go

500m 7min walk from Hotel

Google Maps


5.  Jigoku Meguri Tour (Eight Hell of Beppu)

6 Jigoku located nearby and is walking distance in Kannawa District. 

Total 8 nearby hot springs within the town

Read the booklet for all 8 jigoku you are interested.

Print this voucher for cheaper ticket

We will focus on Chinoike Jigoku and Umi Jigoku.

In the end, we engaged tour package from Beppu Bus Station at 4000yen. Tour from 9am to 12pm. The tour inclusive of introducing Beppu bus tour and 7 jigoku (inclusive of entrance fee)

What is the Beppu "Hells" Tour? 

We sign up Beppu Hells Tour which bring us around Beppu and all the Hells which takes about 3 hours. 
Beppu "Hell" Tour is first in Japan and the birthplace of the female bus tour guides. Kumahachi Aburaya, was the founder of Beppu "Hells" Tour. And yes, our tour guide is a Female Tour guide with Full guide uniform from hat to shoe.

Our tour package is around 4000yen including transportation and 7 jigoku entrance fees. There is a Japanese speaking lady tour guide that dress professionally to introduce each of the places.

Going with tour definitely save our time looking at the map and better tour experience. The down side is the tour guide speak Japanes only.

Opening Hour

8am - 5pm


Jigoku onsen ticket to access all the Jigoku at 2000 yen. Worth if visit at least 5 Jigoku.  If time limit suggests to visit Chinoike Jigoku and Umi Jigoku

How to go

Take bus - 30mins

JR Beppu Station West Exit or from Kitahama → Take Kamenoi Bus No. 2, 5, 24, 41 bound for Kannawa for 20 minutes. 

Get off at Umi Jigoku-mae or Kannawa bus stop and walk 1 minute.

Google Maps 


6.  Try the Hot Spring Steam Food: Jigokumushi Kobo Kannawa

Opening Hour

10am - 7pm


See the website for food price

How to go

We can walk 700m (7mins) or take bus

Google Maps 


This is so long queue. In the end, we walk another 5 mins to another Hot Spring steam food and has no crowd at all. We can even have foot spa while we are enjoying our food.

7.  Beppu Ropeway

Experience the breathtaking spectacle of Mt. Tsurumi's panoramic vista and its ever-changing seasonal allure. Ascend to an altitude of 1300 meters through a remarkable 10-minute ride on Kyushu's grandest Ropeway, accommodating up to 101 passengers. Delight in the awe-inspiring panorama that awaits at the summit, where you can revel in the splendor of nature's captivating beauty throughout each distinct season.

Opening Hour

9am - 7pm


600yen (outdoor, adult)

How to go

Ask at Station

"Need to take bus back to Beppu station to take direct bus"

Around 1 hour to reach there


8. Okamotoya Shop - Taste The Original Jigoku-mushi Pudding

Opening Hour

8:30am - 5:30pm



How to go

Walk 3 mins from Yunohana Goya to Okamotoya Shop

Google Maps


9.  Myoban Onsen: Visit Yunohana Goya (Myoban Yunosato Onsen)

Indulge in the enchanting allure of our outdoor bath, boasting milky white spring water that captivates visitors with its picturesque surroundings and remarkable therapeutic properties. Situated at an elevation of 350 meters above ground level, our bath holds the distinction of being the highest in Beppu City. 

The abundant flow of sulfuric spring water, directly sourced from its origin, showcases exceptional cleansing and exfoliating capabilities, making it highly beneficial for various skin conditions. This cherished bathing tradition has garnered immense popularity over the years, offering relief for ailments such as atopic dermatitis, chronic eczema, stiff shoulders, muscular soreness, fatigue, and other related disorders.

How to enjoy your onsen?

Opening Hour

9am - 7pm


600yen (outdoor, adult)

How to go

Take bus From Kannawa Onsen (30mins)

Bound for Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Bound for Safari and Senninda

Get off at Jizoyu-mae, and walk for three minutes

Google Maps 


10.  Dinner at Toyotsune Beppu - Walkable from Hotel

Indulge in the irresistible delight of Toyotsune's must-try tempura rice bowl, an experience not to be missed. This renowned restaurant in Beppu captivates both locals and tourists with its exceptional culinary offerings. Toyotsune excels in serving the finest chicken and shrimp tempura, expertly prepared and served over a bed of fragrant rice, accompanied by an array of delectable dishes. The tempura itself is flawlessly crispy and bursting with flavor. Moreover, the portions are incredibly generous, offering great value for a reasonable price. For those seeking a memorable dining experience in Beppu, Toyotsune comes highly recommended as a go-to destination for satisfying your culinary cravings. They have a high rating in google too.

It has high rating in google review. It is really delicious and price is reasonable. It is 5-10mins walkable from ryokan

What truly sets Japanese fried prawn apart is the careful balance of flavors. The prawn itself is incredibly fresh and sweet, providing a natural sweetness that is enhanced by the delicate seasoning. The breading is seasoned just right to complement the prawn without overpowering it. The combination of textures and flavors makes each bite an exquisite experience.

The egg roll or they called it Tamagoyaki is so soft and nice. It is not soggy or yucky. It has subtle flavour with satisfying experience.

The place are spacious with double storey.

The fried mushroom that they serve with granted ginger sauce. 

Opening Hour

11:00 - 22:00 (last order 21:00) - Close on Thursday



How to go

2-12-24 Kitahama,Beppu-shi, Oita-ken

Google Maps 


Further link:

You can also take ferry from Osaka to Beppu instagram

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