Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan Itinerary Day 6

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 Day 6 - Nagasaki 


6am Wake up and refresh. Breakfast at train.

We can take train from Hakata to Nagasaki using JRPass with the new bullet train which need 1 hour 20mins travel time. You can easily visit place of interest by getting streetcar pass unlimited ride.



Tram Station No


Nagasaki Peace Park

Station 19


Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Station 20


Meganebashi Bridge

Station 37


Kofuku-ji Temple

Walk from Meganebashi Bridge


Nagasaki Chinatown (lunch)

Station 31



Walk from Chinatown or take to station 30 - Dejima


Glover Garden

Station 50 - Oura Cathedral


Mount Inasa Night View

Too far 

 Can follow this 1-day itinerary.

  1. Huis Ten Bosch - far from Nagasaki station, so if time permit we will come 

Prepare for next day

1. Check Beppu train time

2. Study Beppu Bus Ticket here


You can get 24 hours Nagasaki Electric Tramway for streetcar Pass and above is the station they stop.

We need to download the app. Below is the way to use:

Nagasaki Peace Park


Chinatown in Nagasaki offers a tranquil and serene environment boasted an ancient design that adds to its charm. It is not crowded with tourist. When we visiting on the early of October, it was so hot! You can walk around the china town and enjoy their local delicacies like Champon, Sara Udon and castella cake.

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