Exciting 5-Day Family Itinerary: Exploring Hong Kong and Macau with Your Kids

This trip itinerary was designed to cater for kids and also elderly to enjoy their trips in Hong Kong and Macau. 





Put luggage at hotel

Eat at Tsui Wah at Sam Shui Po or TungChung- open at 7am

Arrival and Ngong Ping Discovery

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Ngong Ping Village

Motion 360

The Big Buddha

Po Lin Monastery

CityGate Outlets 

Shopping at Mongkok

Hing Kee Restaurant





Exploring Hong Kong Attraction

Disney Land




Exploring Hong Kong Attraction

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Walk at Mong Kok

Clock Tower at Tsim Sha Tsui

Shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui


Eat at Wah Hing

Take Star Ferry

The Peak

Lan Kwai Fung

Avenue of Stars

    - Symphony of Lights (8pm every night)






Exploring Hong Kong Attraction

Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars

Ocean Park 






Exploring Macau's Unique Blend

Check out Hotel to Macau 

8am wake up

9am Check Out

10am Take Cotai Ferry (from Hong Kong (Sheung Wan) ) to Macau (Taipa)

11am Reach Macau

Go hotel

Senado Square

St Dominic Church

Ruins of St Paul

Monte fort

Night at Taipa 

Eat at Cafe Litorel 

The Cotai Strip




Fun-filled Day in Macau

Go back to Hong Kong

Shopping & eat IFC mall

Go Airport


To travel around Hong Kong, just get Octopus card and you can use on all the bus and train. You can get a Tourist card at HK$39 and keep it as a souvenir. If you over reload, you can refund at any Train Station but if you are refunding for a Standard card, they will be some handling charges depends on some condition.

We got normal Octopus card from Prince Edward Station. You can get it at any train station. We can easily do the refund at airport before we fly back. 

For elderly, you can get Octopus card at elderly price (which is similar to kids price. All their rides are also half price) 


Temple street, Jordan

Ladies Market

Fa Yuen market

Tung Choi St

Sham Sui Po

Google Map

Remember to plan your itinerary according to your kids' ages, interests, and energy levels. Allow for some flexibility and downtime to rest and recharge between activities. With this well-rounded itinerary, you and your kids will create lasting memories while exploring the vibrant cultures and attractions of both Hong Kong and Macau.

Luggage Bag Storage/Lockers

Radical Storage

Luggage lockers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Eat

2. Forbidden Duck - in Times Square
3. Kau Kee Food Cafe 九记牛腩 - beef noodle - 12:30pm to 10:30pm

Not Central
1. Kam Wah Cafe - 6:30am to 9pm
2. Mak’s Noodle - open 10:30am to 11pm
3. Lan Fong Yuen - open 10:30am to 6pm
4. Bakehouse - eat egg tart : open 8am - 9pm
5. 王角两草 - chilam favourite shop 
6. After you dessert - 12pm - 9:30pm
7. 美香园 - curry fishball - 9:30am - 5:30pm
8. Market Hotpot 鲜入为煮 - 12:30pm to 1:30am
10. Oi Man 爱文生 Sang dai pai dong sham sui po 
11. Mui Kee Porridge - open 7am to 3pm
12. Australia Dairy co - closed on thurs - 7:30am to 10pm
13. Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui - Egg waffles, known as Gai Daan Jai in Cantonese - 
14. Lau Haa Hot Pot Restaurant
15. Hing kee 

1. Mammy Pancake -  Egg waffles, known as Gai Daan Jai in Cantonese - 
2. Jenny Cookies - Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui

Great Value Polo Bao in Hong Kong
Bolo Bao, also known as pineapple buns, are a popular sweet treat in Hong Kong. They're not typically filled with pineapple but get their name from the crumbly, sweet crust that resembles a pineapple's texture. While you can find delicious Bolo Bao in various bakeries and cafes across Hong Kong, here are some places known for serving some of the best:

1. Kam Wah Cafe (金華冰廳): Kam Wah Cafe in Mong Kok is renowned for its freshly baked Bolo Bao. They serve these sweet buns with a generous slab of butter in the middle, creating a delightful combination of warm, fluffy bread and cold, creamy butter.

2. Australian Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司): While better known for their breakfast sets and milk puddings, Australian Dairy Company also serves fantastic Bolo Bao. The combination of the crispy bun and buttery filling is a crowd-pleaser.

3. Honolulu Coffee Shop (檀島咖啡餅店): Located in Wan Chai, Honolulu Coffee Shop offers a traditional Hong Kong-style experience. Their Bolo Bao is loved for its authentic taste and nostalgic ambiance.

4. Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠華餐廳): Tsui Wah is a popular cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style cafe) with multiple locations in the city. They serve classic Bolo Bao, and it's an excellent place to try this iconic treat along with a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea.

5. Kwan Kee Store (群記餅家): Kwan Kee in Tai Po is a local bakery known for its Bolo Bao. They are highly praised for their traditional approach and the quality of their sweet buns.

6. Po Wah Bakery (寶華餅家): This small bakery in Sham Shui Po is a hidden gem known for its freshly baked Bolo Bao. It's a favorite among locals for its excellent taste and value.

Hong Kong Airport is really Nice!

1. Toilet

They basically have wash, soap and dry in one sink.

2. Play Ground

If you arrive early, you can let the kids play here at no cost but it is applicable to kids age 6 and above.

3. Water 

Feel like home refill water. It comes with hot and cold mode.

4. Movies like theatre

Kids favourite movie Frozen which attracted all the kids be able to sit and wait for their flight.

5. VR Games

VR games available to fly around top destination in Hong Kong like Sheung Wan.

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